LinkedIn instead of Virtual Exhibitions

Tourism professionals should not consider attending to travel exhibitions this and next year. Just like this year, many of the travel fairs will not take place. Exhibition organizers offers that you can take part virtually as an exhibitor but it won’t work.

Nothing will come of the virtual fairs.

There is a very good alternative that still brings us together. Guess what it is… the answer is LinkedIn.

I’m a LinkedIn Expert, a member since 2007 with more than 30k followers. My Social Selling Index 72 and I’m ranking in top 1% in tourism industry and top 3% in my network.

If you are in Airline, Event, Hospitality, Travel or Tour business and don’t have LinkedIn profile, I highly recommend creating one right away.

I guess you already have a LinkedIn profile but don’t have enough connections with decision-makers or you cannot fully exploit the potential of this mega-platform.

Book a discovery call with me and I’ll share useful tips to connect with new business partners without attending to travel exhibitions.